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Successful hotel asset management requires a unique skill set of financial and operational expertise. Our team of asset managers are well-versed in both disciplines and when required supported by our senior consultants and hotel property management executives. Our team approach to asset management enables our clients to benefit from a diverse base of knowledge and experience required in today’s competitive environment to optimize hotel operating performance while optimizing long-term asset value.

Our hotel and hospitality asset management team has a singular industry focus coupled with the experience necessary to successfully oversee even the most complex hotel mixed-use project. We realize each engagement is unique so our services are customized to meet the client’s specific needs and requirements.

We always begin each assignment by thoroughly understanding the short and long-term goals and objectives of the client for their specific asset. From this base of knowledge, our approach is to provide creative, forward-thinking, recommendations to the clients and from there develop and implement a comprehensive, property specific plan that includes a thorough assessment of the real estate, competitive market, underlying hotel operations, branding and property management and the local economic environment.

This plan will serve as the working platform for implementing an asset management strategy that best provides success in creating incremental value for ownership comprised of: revenue enhancement, expense containment, productivity and staffing assessments, renovation and repositioning opportunities, brand and management company strategies, financial restructuring and disposition alternatives among others.

The combined resources of our various in-house hotel real estate specialists in the fields of hotel brokerage, capital markets, consulting, property management and asset management coupled with our team approach to client service greatly enhances the degree of success for each engagement. Simply stated, our clients benefit from the breadth and depth of our hotel industry knowledge and hands-on problem solving experience and leadership.

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Hotel Receivership & Bankruptcy Services

Our receivership group has:

  • Significant experience in working with lenders, their counsel, and the courts to assure that the "Order Appointing Receiver and Temporary Restraining Order" appropriately define the role of the receiver in taking possession and control, operating the business, completing or ending construction, and the like.
  • Prearranged designated trust fund checking accounts for each specific asset, insuring safety of operating funds.
  • Prearranged merchant credit card accounts used for processing credit card payments.
  • Experienced staff to issue timely, accurate and detailed monthly court reports and financial statements which helps the lender better understand current use of funds and plan for future operating capital requirements.
  • Seasoned receivers with hotel industry expertise who can help lenders better assess foreclosure and real estate owned (REO) issues.
  • Considerable experience dealing with consulting engineers, contractors, local building code enforcers, fire and life safety issues, liquor license transfers, and lessees of various concessions and services offered in the hotel.
  • Highly qualified appraisal staff who can quickly arrive at a problem property's value which aids the development of a resolution strategy.
  • An affiliated property management company and an affiliated hotel brokerage company, allowing the entire receivership, property management, and disposition process to function efficiently and effectively to help reduce the overall costs and duration of receivership.

The bottom line is that we are uniquely qualified to secure the asset, operate it professionally, improve the asset's cash flow and thus it's market value, and dispose of the asset while it is in receivership. This allows the lender to remain out of the chain of title and potentially offer seller financing.

Commercial Property Receivership & Bankruptcy Services

HTL Hotel Management can provide receivership, bankruptcy, and litigation support services for commercial real estate such as: property management, asset management, disposition of assets; lender and owner litigation support, expert witness testimony, and forensic audits. Our knowledgeable real estate and finance executives are experienced in handling all types and sizes of commercial real estate including: city-center and suburban office, retail centers, industrial, multi-family and hotel.

Over the past 25-years, we have worked with and have assisted large international lending institutions such as banks, insurance companies and pension funds to effectively deal with their troubled loans or real estate owned assets. We also have been recommended for appointment as receivers and trustees by numerous CMBS special servicer companies, national and regional banks, and private capital lending groups.

In order to bring the best team of experts to each assignment, we often team with other national real estate companies for assistance with non-hotel property management, leasing or brokerage activities. This approach to receivership and trustee work enables us to professionally handle properties located throughout the country.

The bottom line is that we are uniquely qualified to secure the asset, operate it professionally, improve the asset's cash flow and thus it's market value, and dispose of the asset while it is in receivership. This allows the lender to remain out of the chain of title and potentially offer seller financing.

Distressed Hotel Assets

We provide an array of advisory services to help owners, lenders and attorneys resolve distressed hotel asset or loan problems. The hospitality industry is a very management intensive business that requires specialized skills and diligent oversight, especially during economic downturns. Whether our client is being challenged by litigation matters, needs assistance with alternative dispute resolution or capital restructuring our hotel experts have the experience to achieve a positive outcome to the problem.

Of this we are certain, no one is better qualified and positioned to assist clients in succeeding with their hotel, tourism and leisure projects, assets and investments than the hotel experts at HTL Hospitality Advisors.

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