Dispute Resolution & Contract Negotiation

Litigation Evaluation and ADR / Mediation / Arbitration

Economical and timely dispute resolution is the key to limiting the most unpredictable expense in U.S. business operations: litigation. Our team can assist clients in evaluating and assessing the risks and benefits of litigation, with particular emphasis on contract and vendor disputes, real estate, construction, and employment. We have substantial expertise in all forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR): our team includes personnel with hands-on experience in mediating cases in federal and state jurisdictions throughout the United States. We can advise clients on the all-important issues of timing and budgeting. We can also advise clients on the costs and benefits of arbitration as an alternative to court litigation.

Hospitality Contract Negotiations

HTL Hospitality Advisors includes professionals with years of experience and broad expertise in management contract negotiation, hotel license and franchise agreements, hotel purchase and sales agreements, construction contracts, employment agreements, software licenses, and other vendor agreements. We can provide risk assessments and recommend both strategies and local counsel in jurisdictions throughout the United States on regulations applicable to the hotel business, including land use and the requirements of the ADA and the WARN Act.


Of this we are certain, no one is better qualified and positioned to assist clients in succeeding with their hotel, tourism and leisure projects, assets and investments than the hotel experts at HTL Hospitality Advisors.

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